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Custom Peptide Synthesis
Custom Peptide Synthesis
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Cohesion Biosciences offers custom peptide synthesis services to the scientific community. Because peptide chemistry is an essential tool to biology, Cohesion Biosciences can transform a simple peptide sequence into a powerful probe for monitoring protein activity by peptide modification and conjugation.

A non-exhaustive list of peptide synthesis services is displayed below.

Peptide Synthesis Services

Routine Options


1 mg to 1 gram


Acetylation, amidation, formylation, methylation, PEGylation, phosphorylation, succinylation, sulfonation

MAPS-2, -4 and -8 branches

Conjugation to BSA, KLH, OVA

Labels & Dyes

Special Amino Acids

Biotin, coumarin, Cy dyes, dabcyl, dansyl, DNP, EDANS, FITC, rhodamine, TAMRA, Texas Red

D-amino acid, citrulline, ornithine

Get a Quotation

Since prices vary upon peptide length, purity and scale, we recommend submitting a quotation using the Online Quote Request for obtaining an accurate price. All requests are processed within 72 hours.


Cohesion Biosciences guarantees competitive pricing and delivery time for all routine options.

Every peptide is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis including mass spectral and HPLC analyses (LC-MS) to verify composition and purity. All peptides are shipped lyophilized and as gross weight.

Althought most peptides can be shipped out within 1 month, actual processing time is dependent on the peptide sequence, length, purity and modifications. Please consult with Cohesion Biosciences staff for an estimated timeline of the peptide synthesis process. Estimated delivery times are stated on all quotations.

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