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Custom siRNA Synthesis
Custom siRNA Synthesis
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Cohesion Biosciences RNA synthesis products are repeatedly optimized and rigorously tested to ensure the high stability of product quality. Chemical synthesis of siRNA has following advantages: simple operation, high transfection efficiency; low toxic side effects to cells or tissues, and large-scale preparation, which makes chemical synthesis applicable for siRNA effective fragment screening while the genetic target site is uncertain.


Product Highlights

Quality Control

All oligos undergo vigorous process monitoring and stringent quality control; produce under ISO9000 quality standard system; products are quantified by spectrophotometer.


HPLC; siRNA content >97%


3'and 5'end Biotin, FAM and Phosphorate


19 - 23 bases/each dsRNA

Product Style

Single-stranded aliquots; Annealing dsRNA aliquots.

Storage and Stability

Although oligonucleotides are stable in solution at 4°C for up to 2 weeks, recommends storage should be at -20°C. Repetitive freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided by storing as aliquots. Storing at concentrations above 20 uM is recommended. Cohesion Biosciences guarantees its oligonucleotides for 6 months, stored under the above conditions.

Technical Data Sheet

Oligonucleotides are delivered with an Oligonucleotide Technical Data Sheet, which includes oligo name, sequence, concentration, precise quantity in OD and nmols, Tm, MW, size, extinction coefficient and purification data.

Chemically Modified siRNA Oligo

The biggest difficult problem of RNAi technology is the siRNA stability problem. Cohesion Biosciences chemically modified siRNA can obtain the best results. Our method is that RNAi-Mate transfect chemically modified siRNA into mammalian cell, the highlights:

Highly effective gene knockdown

High stability - in blood serum and culture medium

Greatest limit reducing side-effect

Longer response time

Cohesion Biosciences offers a wide variety of high quality modifications. These can be placed either on the 5' end, the 3' end, or internally.

Modified siRNA

Routine Options

Terminal Modification

5’ FAM


5’ Biotin

5’ Amine

5’ Phosphate

5’ Thiol

5’ Cholesterol

3’ Amine

Internal Modification

2’ Fluoro dU

2’ Fluoro dC

2’ OMe rU

2’ OMe rC

2’ OMe rG

2’ OMe rA

Get a Quotation

Since prices vary upon peptide length, purity and scale, we recommend submitting a quotation using the Online Quote Request for obtaining an accurate price. All requests are processed within 72 hours.


Cohesion Biosciences guarantees competitive pricing and delivery time for all routine options.

Every siRNA is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis including mass spectral and HPLC analyses (LC-MS) to verify composition and purity. All siRNAs are shipped lyophilized and as gross weight.

Althought most siRNAs can be shipped out within 1 month, actual processing time is dependent on the siRNA sequence, length, purity and modifications. Please consult with Cohesion Biosciences staff for an estimated timeline of the siRNA synthesis process. Estimated delivery times are stated on all quotations.

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