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rno-miR-762 miRNA Antagomir CIS0750
Product Namerno-miR-762 miRNA Antagomir
Cat No: CIS0750
Source: Synthetic
Reactivity: R
*Application Key:
E- ELISA, WB - Western blot, IH - Immunohistochemistry, IF - Immunofluorescence, FC - Flow cytometry, IC - Immunocytochemistry, IP - Immunoprecipitation, ChIP - Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, EMSA - Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay, BL - Blocking, SE - Sandwich ELISA, CBE - Cell-based ELISA, RNAi - RNA interference
*Species Reactivity Key:
H - Human, M - Mouse, R - Rat, B - Bovine, C - Chicken, D - Dog, G - Goat, Mk - Monkey, P - Pig, Rb - Rabbit, S - Sheep, Z - Zebrafish
10 nmol
20 nmol
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Description: Synthetic miRNA Antagomir is used to inhibit the activity of target rno-miR-762 mRNA.
Form: Lyophilized powder
Gene Symbol: rno-miR-762
Entrez Gene (Rat) : MIMAT0035752
Directions for Use : Briefly centrifuge tubes containing miRNA antagomir to ensure that the miRNA pellet is located at the bottom of the tube. Dissolve miRNA antagomir to a convenient stock concentration using the recommended volume of DEPC H2O (or RNase-free water). For example: dissolve 10 nmol miRNA antagomir to 20 µM using 500 µl DEPC H2O (or RNase-free water). Pipette the solution up and down 3-5 times (or vortex briefly). Briefly centrifuge tubes containing miRNA antagomir to ensure that the solution is collected at the bottom of the tube. Aliquot the miRNA antagomir into small volumes and store at ≤ -20°C. miRNA antagomir is stable (for 6 months under the specified storage condition). For best results, use in 3 months and limit freeze-thaw events for each tube no more than five times.
Components : This synthetic miRNA is based on the mature miRNA sequence. The strand of the antagomir has 2 phosphorothioates at the 5' end, 4 phosphorothioates, 1 cholesterol group at the 3' end, and full-length nucleotide 2'-methoxy modification. Stability of miRNA antagomir appears to be significantly higher than miRNA inhibitors. It exhibits enhanced cellular uptake, stability and regulatory activity and is recommended for miRNA functional studies in vitro and in vivo.
Storage/Stability : Shipped at 4 °C. Store at -20 °C for one year. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles after reconstitution.
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