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Anti-CD19 Antibody-APC/Cy5.5 labled CFC8780
Product NameAnti-CD19 Antibody-APC/Cy5.5 labled
Cat No: CFC8780
Source: Mouse
Reactivity: M
Applications: IF, FC
*Application Key:
E- ELISA, WB - Western blot, IH - Immunohistochemistry, IF - Immunofluorescence, FC - Flow cytometry, IC - Immunocytochemistry, IP - Immunoprecipitation, ChIP - Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, EMSA - Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay, BL - Blocking, SE - Sandwich ELISA, CBE - Cell-based ELISA, RNAi - RNA interference
*Species Reactivity Key:
H - Human, M - Mouse, R - Rat, B - Bovine, C - Chicken, D - Dog, G - Goat, Mk - Monkey, P - Pig, Rb - Rabbit, S - Sheep, Z - Zebrafish
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25 Assays
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Description: Mouse monoclonal antibody APC/Cy5.5 labled to CD19
Immunogen: Mouse CD19-expressing K562 human erythroleukemia cells
Purification: The antibody was purified by affinity chromatography.
Clonality: Monoclonal (clone: MB19-1)
Conjugation: APC/Cy5.5
Form: Mouse IgA kappa. Liquid in PBS, pH 7.3, 0.2% BSA, and 0.02% sodium azide.
Dilution: 10 μl / assay
Gene Symbol: CD19
Alternative Names: B-lymphocyte antigen CD19; B-lymphocyte surface antigen B4; Differentiation antigen CD19; T-cell surface antigen Leu-12; CD19
Entrez Gene (Mouse) : 12478
SwissProt (Mouse) : P25918
Directions for Use : 1. Take 100 μl peripheral blood anticoagulated by EDTA and add to the bottom of 5 ml tube. 2. Add 10 μl labeled antibody to the bottom of flow tube mixing with the whole blood, incubate for 20 minutes at room temperature away from light. 3. Add 2 ml RBC lysis buffer, incubate for 10 minutes away from light after mixing, dissolve red blood cells. 4. Sample tube is set to 1000 rpm centrifugation for 5 minutes, discard the supernatant. 5. Add 2 ml PBS wash buffer to resuspend the cells, then 1000 rpm centrifugation for 5 minutes, discard the supernatant. 6. Add 0.5 ml PBS wash buffer to resuspend the cells and detect by flow cytometry (sample should be determined on the day on the machine and can also be added fixation overnight at 4 °C then measured).
Storage/Stability : Shipped and store at 4°C for one year. Do not freeze.
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