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Technical FAQs

Are your products tested for endotoxin levels?
How to properly handle a peptide vial?
What is the blocking peptide and how is it used?
How should peptides be stored?
How to properly handle an antibody vial?
How should antibodies be stored?
Why do different lots of the Ab give different WB results?
Why are there differences MW band in WB?
How do you avoid cross reactivity?
How long does a project take for Custom Antibody?
What kind of antigens do you use to make antibodies?
Can you help me design a peptide sequence for my antigen?
How much antigen is required for Custom Antibody?
Can you guarantee the Custom Antibody will work for me?
What is the average turnaround time for peptide synthesis?
How is siRNA synthesized?
What types of modified siRNAs are there?
How to I store my siRNAs and how long do they keep?
How do I reconstitute my siRNA?
How to I store my fluorescent dye modified siRNA?
What does the siRNA O.D. value mean?
How do I calculate the amount of siRNA from the O.D. value?
How do I calculate the M.W. of the siRNA molecule?
Can I know how many ng the synthesized siRNA is?
How do I reach a target siRNA concentration?
How do I convert between morlarity and moles?
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