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New products in April 2015

We launched 269 new primary antibodies at Apr 2015. Most of the new antibodies are for flow cytometry and immunofluorescence.


New Primary Antibodies

Flow cytometry provides a fast and rapid method for identifying and measuring properties of a complex biological sample. We offer a large range of flow-validated antibodies including conjugated antibodies and unconjugated antibodies. Our flow cytometry validated antibodies offers multiple dye choices, such as Biotin, APC, FITC, PE, and PE-Cy5.


The target of the Flow cytometry antibody


CD10; CD105; CD106; CD117; CD11a; CD11b; CD123; CD13; CD14; CD147; CD15; CD152; CD154; CD16; CD178; CD18; CD19; CD2; CD20; CD21; CD22; CD23; CD235a; CD25; CD255; CD282; CD29; CD3; CD31; CD32; CD326; CD33; CD34; CD35; CD37; CD38; CD4; CD40; CD41; CD44; CD45; CD45RA; CD45RB; CD45RO; CD47; CD48; CD49d; CD49f; CD5; CD53; CD54; CD55; CD56; CD57; CD58; CD59; CD61; CD62L; CD62P; CD63; CD64; CD69; CD7; CD73; CD74; CD8; CD80; CD81; CD83; CD86; CD9; CD95; HLA-DR

100% Quality Guarantee

Cohesion Biosciences provide a 100% quality guarantee for all products in our catalog. Guarantee covers only the tested applications and species stated on Cohesion Biosciences website.

Cohesion Biosciences protocols are available online for your reference.
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